Welcome to the Institute for Discipleship Training. My name is Ken Baugh, and I am pleased to introduce you to this virtual resource to help you grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ. 

I have been a pastor in the local church for over 25 years and during that time I have recognized that many Christians want to develop a deeper, more abiding relationship with Jesus Christ but feel stuck; frustrated with their lack of progress. I developed the Institute for Discipleship Training to help meet that need. 

If you have a desire to develop a deeper, more intimate relationship with Jesus, I can help.

As you look through this website you will find resources and information in the form of blogs, e-books, book reviews, sermons, training seminars and retreats— all designed to help you develop a greater understanding of the biblical process of spiritual transformation into the image of Jesus Christ as well as foster a deeper, more intimate relationship with Him. 

I look forward to walking with you in your discipleship to Jesus.

If you would like to join the Emotionally Healthy Discipleship Community, please sign up below with your email address. I will be interacting with this community personally around the content I will be teaching in my Abundant Living in Christ series that begins January 14. I will broadcast the teaching live on Facebook at 9:05 AM twice a month. Hope to see you in the community.

Our Mission 

“We exist to make disciples who make disciples 
by providing whole-life teaching and resources for Christians who desire to thrive in their relationship with Jesus Christ 
for the service of others and the 
glory of God in the world."

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