Breaking Through Spiritual Growth Barriers

Saddleback Church - September 13, 2017

Thank you for your participation in the Conversations in Spiritual Maturity Event. 

Below are a few resources I mentioned I would make available to you. Please use them for your own growth and that of others. 

If you choose to use any of these resources in teaching or Bible study, all I ask is that you give credit to:

Dr. Ken Baugh -

Thank You

NOTE: There are two outlines below. The first one is the outline used at the talk and the second is a longer version that has much more detail. Due to time constraints, I had to use the first outline during the message but wanted to be able to provide the longer version for those interested.


Breaking Through Spiritual Growth Barriers_Evening Talk Outline

Full Outline

My Identity In Christ Handout

Spiritual-Emotional Grouwth Map Graphic

Material/Immaterial Self Graphic

Recommended Resources

Event Slide Show

Video of my talk and the Q&A

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