Marriage as Discipleship Retreat

Marriage as Discipleship is based on the premise that God wants to work through each spouse to facilitate the others spiritual growth. 

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The intimacy of marriage is the ideal context for transformation into the image of Christ as it provides the safest place for to be honest about our unresolved issues with sin. This mutual vulnerability opens the door to emotional and physical intimacy. 

Sadly, many Christian couples hinder each others growth in Christ due to unresolved sin—either sin they have done or sin that has been done to them. Unresolved sin manifests itself in a number of destructive ways including: fear, shame, guilt, anger, selfishness, and pride. These consequences of sin shut down marital intimacy and hinder the process for emotional healing and spiritual growth.

The Marriage as Discipeship Retreat is designed to expose and deal with the root issues of unresolved sin so that couples can thrive in their marriage. As such, each retreat is composed of a small cohort of 12-15 couples to ensure a personal and intimate setting. 

Pastor Ken will teach and facilitate each cohort accompanied by his wife Susan. Ken and Susan have been married for 28 years and have two daughters, Ariella (24) and Jessy (27). Ken and Susan enjoy a thriving Christian marriage and desire to help other coulpes experience the same. 

From left to right: Ariella, Jessy, Ken and Susan Baugh

Marriage is a way for two spiritual friends to help each other on their journey to become the persons God designed them to be.” 

                                 Timothy Keller-The Meaning of Marriage, 16.

The Marriage as Discipleship Retreat is a Friday evening to Sunday afternoon gathering.

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