Discipleship Triads & Quads

A Triad is a small group of three and a quad is a small group of four. While that may seem obvious enough, Triads and Quads are anything but a typical small, accountability group. 

These small groups meet twice a month for spiritual nurture and direction. Triads and Quads offer a unique opportunity for members to build trust and exercise vulnerability in a Christ centered environment that lends itself to both emotional and spiritual growth. These groups offer a learning rather than a teaching environment where peer to peer mentoring is a high value.

While spiritual leadership is an essential part of every Traid and Quad, the role of the leader is to facilitate discussion and observe the leading of the Spirit. This leadership style creates a reproducible model that is essential for group multiplication and ongoing discipleship. 

Grace must be experienced to be known. Many Christians have experience with the Body on Sunday morning in a pew, but not in a private setting where they can share the pain and the vulnerable places of their hearts. Yet, this is where healing takes place. Fellowship on Sunday or at a potluck or a Bible study is great, but fellowship with the depths of the heart is what heals.”

                       -Henry Cloud & John Townsend, How People Grow, 130.

If you would like more information on how to join a Discipleshp Triad or Quad with Pastor Ken Baugh, please send us an e-mail using the Contact Form.

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